Your Biggest Achievement Storytelling Webinar

How to tell an interesting story about 'Your Biggest Achievement'

that you can use in a speaking test, job interview or just general conversation.

This storytelling webinar will give you an overview of how to tell the story of Your Biggest Achievement that you can use at a job interview, speaking test or just general conversation with friends.

Perfect To ...

This webinar presentation is perfect if you are an English learner and want:

  • to build your confidence speaking English
  • to prepare for a job interview or speaking test
  • to have real English to practice and improve

Being able to talk about yourself and your experiences is one of the best ways to practice and improve your confidence and fluency speaking English.

Especially If You ...

Every day I see and speak with English learners who:

  • get embarrassed because their mind goes blank and they forget what they want to say in English
  • avoid talking in English because they lose confidence
  • worry that others are laughing at their pronunciation
  • ✅ think the other person doesn't understand them and their English

This really affects the learner's confidence and their ability to think and speak in English, especially when put under pressure at a speaking test or job interview.

'Blank brain syndrome' kicks in and they panic because even though they have great vocabulary and grammar, the words don't come out.

You'll Come Away With ...

This 'Biggest Achievement' storytelling webinar, you'll get:

  • ✅ Shown interesting topics to use and what topics to avoid when talking about achievements.
  • ✅ A storytelling structure that helps you remember what you want to say about your achievement.
  • Engaging and interesting ways to make your achievement story personal to you something the others want to listen to.

This will result in you having more structure, more confidence and more opportunities and no more 'blank brain syndrome' - just confident English they'll be impressed with.

Register Now ...

✅ ... and you'll love how you speak English smoothly, fluently and with heaps of confidence.

Ajarn Ken Learn English

Meet Ajarn Ken.

Ajarn Ken is a native English speaker from Scotland in the UK and has been teaching English since the year 2008. Most recently Ken has been teaching, coaching and mentoring university graduates in Bangkok, Thailand to prepare them to successfully pass interviews to be Cabin Crew and Flight Attendants with airlines all over the world

Ken has helped thousands of English learners to speak English with confidence by coaching, mentoring and teaching and hundreds have gone on to successfully pass interviews in English using the methods and formulas in the webinars, classes and workshops, working for international companies and airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Singapore Airlines etc.

Event Information

Class Starts (UK Time) 06-09-2021 11:00 am
Class Ends (UK TIME) 06-09-2021 12:00 pm
Max Students 100
# of Students 99
Class Price £1.97
Location via Zoom Online



What We Will Cover

You'll have the details to be able to put together a story of your own experience of 'Your Biggest Achievement'

In this live webinar, Ajarn Ken will explain:

  • recommended topics to talk about your achievement at interviews and exams
  • the structure of story telling so that you can find it easier to remember important details
  • how to be able to use at a job interview, speaking exam or just a general conversation
  • how to present your story in a confident manner.


Participants Notes

Ajarn Ken will take any questions on this topic!

You'll have any presentation slides

This is a live presentation webinar for the interview question 'Your Biggest Achievement'

You are welcome to join the interactive workshop for 'Your Biggest Achievement'

This webinar entrance fee is offered as a discount for 'Your Biggest Achievement' workshop

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