Your Biggest Achievement Storytelling Workshop

How to tell an interesting story about 'Your Biggest Achievement'

that you can use in a speaking test, job interview or just general conversation.

This storytelling interactive workshop will help prepare you to bring to life your own story and experience of Your Biggest Achievement so whether you're at a job interview, speaking test or just general conversation with friends, they'll love the way you speak English.

Perfect To ...

This interactive workshop is perfect if you are an English learner and want:

  • to build your confidence speaking English
  • to prepare yourself for a job interview or speaking test
  • to have real English to practice and improve

Being able to talk about yourself and your experiences is one of the best ways to practice and improve your confidence and fluency speaking English.

Especially If You ...

Every day I see and speak with English learners who:

  • worry about how they can create a good impression in English at an interview or speaking test
  • suffer with 'blank-brain syndrome'. They know what to say in their mind but the words don't come out
  • feel they are not prepared enough for the speaking test or job interview
  • ✅ think the other person doesn't understand them and their English
  • feel embarrassed they have the wrong grammar or pronunciation

This really affects the learner's confidence and their ability to think and speak in English, especially when put under pressure at a speaking test or job interview.

'Blank brain syndrome' kicks in and they panic because even though they have great vocabulary and grammar, the words don't come out.

You'll Come Away With ...

This 'Biggest Achievement' storytelling webinar, you'll get:

  • ✅ to confidently tell an engaging and interesting story about your experience.
  • ✅ to see and feel they'll be impressed with your English and love the way you speak English.
  • ✅ being able to tell your own story about 'Your Biggest Achievement' with a confidence the listener will love.

This will result in you having more structure, more confidence and more opportunities and no more 'blank brain syndrome' - just confident English they'll be impressed with.

Register Now ...

✅ ... and you'll love how you speak English smoothly, fluently and with heaps of confidence.

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Ajarn Ken Learn English

Meet Ajarn Ken.

Ajarn Ken is a native English speaker from Scotland in the UK and has been teaching English since the year 2008. Most recently Ken has been teaching, coaching and mentoring university graduates in Bangkok, Thailand to prepare them to successfully pass interviews to be Cabin Crew and Flight Attendants with airlines all over the world

Ken has helped thousands of English learners to speak English with confidence by coaching, mentoring and teaching and hundreds have gone on to successfully pass interviews in English using the methods and formulas in the webinars, classes and workshops, working for international companies and airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Singapore Airlines etc.

Event Information

Class Starts (UK Time) 03-11-2021 6:00 pm
Class Ends (UK TIME) 03-11-2021 7:30 pm
Max Students 8
# of Students 8
Cut off date 02-11-2021 11:00 pm
Class Price £21.97
Location via Zoom Online


The Workshop

This 'Biggest Achievement' Storytelling workshop is 3 hours over two days - 90 minutes each day

Day 1

Be show you exactly what 'Your Biggest Achievement' means and what the interviewer or examiner is looking for

Know topics and examples to consider to make your story interesting and unique and what topics you should avoid (they're too boring and not unique!!)

Given a tried and tested structure and formula to follow that's already helped thousands of English learners in your position

Have real examples that you can see and learn the structure, vocabulary and expressions

Be given an assignment to complete for your own story and experience for the topic of 'Your Biggest Achievement'

Day 2

Your assignment will be checked and recommendations given - with grammar, vocab and structure

You'll have presentation practice for your assignment one to one and in a group 

An assessment on your presentation and feedback and advice is given

Certificate of attendance provided at the end of the workshop

You're another step closer to being a confident communicator in English

Class Ended