Doing our best to help you speak confident English the future you will be proud of

Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club
Ajarn Ken Inner Circle English Club

Empower Your Future with Personalised English Coaching

Elevate your language skills with one-on-one English coaching
tailored to your unique goals.

With Ajarn Ken, an expert coach with over 15 years of experience,
you don't just learn English—you master it.

Are you preparing for an essential job interview?

Aiming to communicate more confidently in English?

Or looking to master English grammar once and for all?

Wherever your aspirations lie,
Ajarn Ken is here to guide your journey.

Online English Class with Ajarn Ken and Get English Tips
Online English Classes with Ajarn Ken and Get English Tips
English Classes online with Ajarn Ken and Get English Tips

Customized Learning for Unmatched Results

Every learner is unique.
That's why our approach is
tailored to your needs.

With a laser focus on your goals, every session is meticulously designed to ensure you
progress quickly and effectively.

What Our Students Are Saying

More than 7280 students online and classrooms around the world on 3 continents!

Flexible and Affordable Coaching Packages

Choose from our value-packed coaching packages,
specifically crafted to provide maximum value and affordability:


"Power Hour"
1-Hour English Class:

A focused, one-hour coaching to address your immediate English learning needs for only £33

(Book now and get a savings of 18% off
the regular price of £40.)

"Skill Surge"
6-Hour English Package:

Six hours of dedicated coaching designed to boost your English proficiency significantly for just £149

(Book now and get a massive 38% savings from the regular £240 price.)

"Total Immersion"
12-Hour English Package:

Take a deep dive into English mastery with twelve hours of
one-on-one coaching
for only £240

(Book now and get 50% discount
from the normal price of £480.)


Embark on Your Journey in Three Simple Steps


Identify Your Goals:

Choose your focus area—be it interview preparation, confident conversation, or grammar mastery.

Choose Your Package:

Select the package that aligns best with your goals and budget - 1 Hour, 6 Hour or 12 Hour Course

Schedule a Free 10-Minute Pre-Screen Call:

Have a no-strings-attached Zoom call with Ken to discuss your goals, ask questions, and arrange your schedule.

Schedule Your Call Now

Join the community of successful students who have harnessed their English skills to open doors of opportunity. It's time to take control of your future and unlock your potential with Ajarn Ken and Get English Tips.

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